Saturday, March 1, 2008

Now where is that again?

Here's a fun little test to take to challenge your geography knowledge as you pilot yourself around the world. At each level it gets a little harder. I did pretty well... missing such cities as Porto, and London! (Porto I had no clue but London was not my fault, the mouse was not cooperating and I clicked on the wrong location!)

No travel plans in sight for us right now. This is our off year, meaning no trip to Chicago, so instead we're hoping to do some home improvements, specifically the kitchen!

Winter vacation is just about over here, back to the school/work routine on Monday. Some highlights.... several beaded creations (butterflies, flowers, bears,) were done by the girls as well as the usual coloring pages. Kevin enjoyed his time off playing with his many Lego,Playmobil sets. We also went to see "Alvin and the Chipmunks" which the kids loved. We had a handful of days where the weather was nice enough to venture outside. But it's now back to the usual rainy, dreary days.

So how did you do on the geography test?


Jennifer said...

Hi, nice to see you again!! Thanks for the link - when I get another minute I'll try it out...

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