Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tour de France...2017?

OK not really, but it's a big moment just the same as the girls got their first "big kid" bikes this past week. They were very excited and luckily for us the colors they had decided on were available when we went to the sports store. That was my biggest fear, since all they had been talking about was getting a blue (Laura) and pink (Colleen) bike for days. Since a wide selection of colors and sizes is a rarity here, I kept saying to them, "we'll see what they have when we get there. There are lots of nice colors." When we got to the bike area, there they were, a pink bike and a blue bike, side by side, just waiting for them and they looked at me as if to say "see mom, not to worry". If I didn't know any better I would have thought they had ordered them ahead of time. On top of it, the brand name is B Twin, seemed rather appropriate for my twins. It turned out to be a very stress-free, fun buying experience. Another concern of mine was what if they only had one bike available? How do we walk out of the store with one bike trying to explain that the other bike would be in soon? I think I probably would have left without any bike, can't even think about the tears that would have flowed. All the explaining in the world wouldn't have helped. But all that worry for nothing, they walked out (rode out actually once the training wheels were put on) of the store the proud owners of B Twin pink and blue bikes.
Also while at the sports store waiting for the salesperson to put on the training wheels, I watched as another family, (mom, dad and son about 10 yrs old) were looking at the bikes. The kid was really excited but the parents were less than thrilled. The boy was looking at different models, and whenever he touched a bike his mom would yell at him although he wasn't being rough at all. It's only normal to look and even sit on the bike to see which one was best. He didn't seem to even notice how annoyed they were. Then at one point he walked over to the bike helmets and asked his mom if he could have one, but she immediately said no saying it was enough getting the bike. Then she turns and looks at me and asks "are they required?" I told her I was pretty sure they were and in any case if he were to fall, it would be better if he had a helmet on. She didn't seem to be swayed by my reasoning. Then the guy showed up saying that our bikes were ready so I don't know if he ever did get his bike helmet. Hopefully the salesperson convinced her a helmet would be a good idea.
Now if only the weather would cooperate and let the girls get used to having big kid bikes. We've had a couple of days where they could go out around the block. Other than that, July's reputation (for me anyway) as the most miserable month of summer continues. It is once again cool and rainy. Oh joy! At this moment the kids are watching a Peter Pan dvd. (in English)
Luckily we've got our trip to look forward to, the countdown has officially begun. Birthday parties have been reserved at the Lego store for Kevin and Build A Bear for the girls. Should be a lot of fun. My goals while in Chicago are to see the Field Museum, I haven't been there in years and the kids really like dinosaurs, the Shedd Aquarium, Sears Tower, a day at the beach and lake Michigan, Great America, Cubs Game and of course visiting family and friends. It's going to be busy and I'm not sure we'll be able to do everything but we'll certainly try. I'm also really excited since my niece's baptism will be while we're in town. I'm starting to feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. When I mentioned to Pascal the other day how it's now quickly approaching he said, this is the best time just before, the anticipation of the vacation and how during the actual vacation time goes by so fast and then it's over. I guess he's got a point there. So with that philosophy in mind, I'll try to enjoy the anticipation of our vacation as I watch it raining outside.
Hopefully this weekend the weather will improve (they're saying it will) because we are planning on going to a Hot Air Balloon Festival in a town called Chambley. It used to be an American air base. I believe it's every two years they host this world hot air balloon fest, where many different countries are represented. If the weather cooperates, it'll be an amazing sight no doubt. We've seen the balloons floating over our house but have never actually gone to the event. Read this for more info. Also this link offers some interesting facts about the event.
I think I'll go now and look up online for a sun dance! ;)

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ViVi said...

Hi Margie! Thanks for the comment, we're really looking forward to the move, but it's so far away! (er, time-wise, I mean. heh.)

Your girls are adorable and I'm sure they're going to have tons of fun on those bikes! Have an amazing time back home! :)